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In 1998 Mutant Pop Records released and album of great magnitude by a bunch of drunken schlubs from Portland, OR. "Karaoke Party" by the Automatics was a tell-tale view into the minds of Mutant Pop's sweet hearts as they go on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun and take the Ramones along for the ride, then make the time to squeeze in that ditty about their girls.

An almost 18 year old punk from a small town in Kentucky mails $4 to some guy he's never met face to face for a slab of wax by a band who, by doing this dozens of time before, he has named as his favorite band despite his friends thinking they are retards. He will stick the spray painted sticker on his beloved box of 7"'s and he will wear the shirt even though it looks like a fucking 8 year old drew it. Years later he has moved to the big city and is looking for ways to pay homage to the music he loves. He enlists a friend named Paul and records his vocals over a the "karaoke side" of 7" to stand alongside Pop Punk's Clown Princes of Drunkenness. He even adds his own flavor to the band that "make the Queers sound like Shakespeare".

---Brando (the head honcho)


released August 15, 1998



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Brandon Harrod Chicago, Illinois

Chicagoan by way of Kentucky. Punk rocker by way of birth.

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